Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Create a Fractured Cubist Painting

Please visit Dr. Bear visits Doggo Doggosso to see finished artworks.
Abstraction comes from unrealistic colors, fracturing, and distortion.  This tutorial is about fracturing.
Here is Dr. Bear.  I start by minimizing the background, select color range.

 After selecting the background color, I copy the background and use the bucket to make it black.
In a new layer I draw fracture lines.

I select the lines so I can cut them into my photo layer.

I have then gone to inverse in selection.

In edit on the background I choose copy.

 Copy Special

 I then cut the lines.
 With my selection polygon lasso tool I select  a selection, cut, then paste it on its own layer.
Second selection.

Etcetera  until complete.

In each layer I go to Adjust color balance (remember, wild color Fauves) and make the first layer blue.

Second layer red.

Third layer etc.

In the background I change with adjust threshold.

After duplicating I make one Blue.

Here is my black only threshold background.

Now I am moving my layers around to fracture  the photo.

Some of them need to change size- using the  edit tool.

The yellow selection gets larger in edit.

More moving- note the double nose.

Some of the layers are then rotated.

I add the black lines back.

And the black background on the top layer.

Now I will add one or more different filters to each layer.

When It is more loud than I like, after editing I fade filter gallery in edit.

I can also adjust using equalize or many different adjustments.

When finished, I try different layer styles, blending options in each layer.  Some I may duplicate.

Here I am adjusting by changing hue and saturation.

I also am adding an adjustment gradient.

Her I am changing the layer style of the black layer.

Here is a duplicate of all the layers with a new adjustment.

 Right now I like what I see, so save it so I still can  play with other changes.
More changes.

A second look.

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